About Us


Nepcrafts is Nepal based metal Buddhist Statues and Sculptures Manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier. We are manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of metal Buddhist statues and sculptures. Nepcrafts is family owned traditional manufacturing house with roots in the manufacturing statue and dominant patan statue and sculpture producer making from four generation in Patan, NEPAL. Our manufacturing workshop is capable of producing any amount of Buddhist metal statues and sculptures without sacrificing the quality, or the attention to detail. Our workshop is employing 25+ high skill craftsmen for the production of fabulous Buddhist metal sculptures and statues. We have dedicated ourselves to manufacture the high quality of Buddhist metal statues and sculptures using traditional Lost Wax Casting method. It is this commitment to excellence in the creation of Buddhist metal statues and sculptures that has made the name distinctive synonymous with the finest statue maker available throughout Asia. All our Buddhist statues and sculptures are hand-made by our metal highly-skilled artists from Patan Nepal. Furthermore we are familiar in producing high quality statues as our decades of experience of exporting large quantities of our statues around the world in a regular basis by any method of shipment with no defect. We would be pleased to discuss any collaboration offers in any part of the world. We take pride in our quality metal Buddhist and Hindu statues and sculptures as well as in the low prices that we could offer.