Shipping Information

Nepcrafts Shipping Information

Nepcrafts selects the shipping agents on the basis of their pricing and the quality of service provided by them as there are various shipping agents available in Nepal. You can then choose the shipping agents accordingly. The effectiveness and prices of these agencies vary from place to place. So in this section, we shall try and explain about the shipping details.


  1. EMS


EMS is the generic name for High Speed, Low Premium and Time Bound Guaranteed Delivery Service. EMS is one of the frequently used shipping agents by Nepcrafts, as it is cheaper than any other Home delivery services available in Nepal. EMS is operated by General Post Office with services equivalent to the ones provided by private Courier companies. The features posted on their website are : Reliability, Affordability, Speedy, Quality, Proof of Delivery on Request, Technology Based, Time-bound Guaranteed Delivery, Customer Focused services.

Rate Table in Nrs {Nepalese Rupees}: Click Here 
Best for : USA, and other parts of ASIA


2. Aramex

For Nepal this is the best private shipping agent available for service. Why we prefer them in comparison to other popular services is because they are small enough to care and big enough to deliver. There are enough outlets in various parts of the world so delivery has never been a problem.
This is still not our first preference, as they are a bit more expensive compared to EMS. But it is understandably so, since EMS is government owned and this is a private company.
Website :
Best for : Europe and Austrial


3. DHL / FedEx


We use these services only upon buyer’s request. Though these are popular shipping agents, we try and avoid their services due to their rates. It is our vision to provide you with best quality products and services in cheapest possible rates.


4. Cargo


Cargo shipping means Airport to Airport delivery service. Though ‘Cargo Shipping’ is cheaper than courier, it is recommended only in the shipments that weigh more than 25 kgs. The time and procedure needed to clear these shipments will only be beneficial if the size of the order is more than 25 kgs. Though courier service may seem to be expensive, it is advised to use Cargo if the shipment is above 25kg or you are buying for selling purpose. Cargo needs few procuedure to be fullfiled and you need to go to the airport to collect the shipment. So for a final consumer it is not recomended.